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Re: [IP] Comparison of Lifescan One Touch Ultra to One Touch Profile

Aaron wrote:
<Results on my Ultra are slightly less than those on my Profile, a
difference of 10 mg/dl at 200 mg/dl on the Profile and 25 mg/dl at 400 mg/dl
on the Profile... I decided to compare the performance of the two
Profiles...Results on my backup are slightly higher than those on my
primary, a difference of 7 mg/dl at 200 mg/dl on the primary Profile and 18
mg/dl at 400 mg/dl on the primary Profile. The difference between my two
Profiles is comparable to the difference between my primary Profile and my

Hi Aaron and Catherine,

I too have performed tests on the One Touch Profile vs. the Fasttake vs. the
Ultra. I did it over a period of a month, and found that my technique had
more to do with some odd results than anything else. What I learned was that
with the Fasttake and esp. the Ultra, you really need to let the blood
"flow" onto the strip rather than force it...the less contact of the finger
with the strip the better.

Remember in comparing that the Profile is a whole blood meter whereas the
other two are plasma based. The plasma readings are about 12% higher than
the whole blood, so the Ultra (and Fasttake) should read about 12% higher
than the Profile. I'm not sure whether you took that into account in your
analysis above. If not, I'm perplexed that your Ultra readings are lower
than your Profile--for me it's always the other way around (as it should be,
according to the difference in meters).

My experience has been that as long as I let the blood flow onto the strip,
the Ultra and Fasttake are super accurate, and do read on average 12% higher
than the Profile. And for what it's worth, I test an average of 12x a day!



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