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[IPn] getting close

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to thank all of you that have made contributions to the Fall 
pledge drive. In particular, a big thank you to our British member 
that contributed anonymously via the CAF -- I don't know who you are 
so I could not write a private note. 

This is day 9 of the pledge drive and we are closing in on the $1000 
mark but are not there yet and have a way to go to reach the $6000 
needed for this quarter's expenses. This is serious stuff, the rent 
alone is over $1000 and we have to pay 3 x a quarter --- yep, 12x a 
year..... and that's just one component of the monthly operating 
costs.  I've been reading in our local paper lately about how local 
charities are having a difficult time raising funds since the Sept. 
11 attack. I did not think it would affect Insulin Pumpers since we 
have such a large diverse constituancy but it appears that it has. 
We're off to a slow start, but I'm sure that the pace will pick up.

I have waiting in the wings a dollar for dollar challenge from 
Colorado. This is another chance to double the value of your 
contribution to Insulin Pumpers. Just contribute any amount up to 
$100 and Colorado will match your pledge dollar for dollar.

For those of you who have been on the fence about a new meter, there 
are still a few Precision Xtra's left waiting for anyone that makes a 
continuing pledge of $10 / month or more. Abbott labs sent a box of 
strips to go with each meter as well. For more info on the meter, see 
Abbott's web page at:


If you need a new meter, or would just like to help support Insulin 
Pumpers, please consider a continuing gift or a donation today by 
visiting the Insulin Pumpers web site at:


For Challenges, use the Insulin Pumpers challenge gift page at:


OR, mail your check to:

Insulin Pumpers
4600 El Camino Real - Suite 206
Los Altos, CA 94022

My best regards,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org