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[IP] I took control of training

  I wanted to let everyone know that I called the training place today and 
asked again about taking 2 classes on one day and starting the pump sooner 
then Dec. 5th She gave me a big run around about needing to know everything 
about being a diabetic and the steps of going on the pump.She said that I had 
to take the classes in order and one a week. Well I stood my ground and said 
that I have had the pump in my house for well over a month and I think I know 
enough about the pump and my body to start on the pump before the classes.I 
told her I would go to the class on Monday night the 12th and on the 19th I 
would take 2 classes back to back and then I could start the pump on Monday 
the 26th.At first she was not going to let me do this but  I told her that I 
thought my doctor wanted me on the pump for better health sooner and that I 
was going to start pumping on the 26th of this month with or with out her 
classes. She got upset but she agreed to my terms. Told me to re-read the 
manule before the class on the 19th and right down any questions I have. I do 
not like the fact that I have to wait until then but because of the holidays 
I have to wait.
  Not what I wanted but better then what they offered.
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