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Re: [IP] Problems!! (Sorry - this is long!)

On Fri, 09 Nov 2001 08:07:21 -0600 Jenie Harrison wrote:


That is VERY frustrating!  I am surprised your Dr.'s office didn't offer to
give you any insulin.  I have said this before - I used to work for an Endo.
in NM and I will tell you that drug reps keep their cabinets and
refrigerator stocked full of products.  I am sure your Endo. or PCP have
some insulin to help you out in the interim.  I would call them (whichever
Dr. you choose) and ask them for 4 bottles to tide you over for a month to
get you through this mess.  After all, aren't they the one who wrote out the
RX wrong?  In the Dr.'s defense, I was a Med. Asst. and sometimes we were
the ones who wrote out the RX to save the Doc time and they just signed it.
Obviously, it was an oversite for everyone involved.  Kudos to you for
making sure your RX was written correctly!

Good luck!

Jenie Harrison
Plano, TX

Unfortunately, right now I'm not seeing an endo.  (Not until Tuesday!  Tuesday
is my first appointment with the new endo - trying to get an upgrade on my
poor old MM 507).  And the GP that I'm seeing doesn't get samples of insulin!!
So, I'm stuck!  And you're right -- the nurses write out the prescriptions --
after the secretary takes the message and leaves a note.  And I've never dealt
with a 90 day supply before, so I didn't realize that prescription wouldn't
work.  But -- now I know so I'll be more careful in the future!

(I'm hoping I have enough test strips to last me 2 more weeks until I get paid
again -- cause I don't have the money to get both insulin and test strips
right now!  Cause test strips are the same way -- $20 a box at Wal-Mart and
$40 for three months worth at K-Mart!)

Deb in Southern Illinois
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