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Re: [IP] Site Change Question

>I looked at
>before I pulled it out, it wasn't leaking or wet.  I pulled it out and
>started preparing another quick-set.  When I looked down at my abdomen to
>insert it there was blood EVERYWHERE! I mean actually, pouring and dripping.
>So, is this kind of like when we use to take our insulin by injections and
>would have to take it over when we saw blood in the syringe???
>Dallas, Texas

Rhonda, sounds like you experienced a gusher. This sometimes happens if 
you've nicked a capillary with the infusion set.  You may have had blood in 
the cannula which caused the insulin to not absorb properly.  This happens 
at times, which is why it's not usually a good idea to change your set out 
right before bedtime.

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