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RE: [IP] Kathie

To Kathie:

Who wrote this:
>I am a 41 year old female.  I have been a diabetic since 1981.  They put me
>insulin from day one and I am now up to 3 shots a day.

>I am in complete denial of this disease, and I am so sick of having to take
>shots.  I am not using an insulin pump at this time but I am very
interested in
>finding out about using one.

Hi Kathie, I have been diabetic for 22 years and I also have to say I was in
great denial of my D, until I went on the pump.  So, hopefully you will get
connected to the pump, you will feel better and the best part (unlike
injections) the pump works 100% better than the shots.  I think I was in
denial before my pump because no matter how hard you tried to keep
everything well managed (with injections) it just seemed as though it didn't
matter.  With the pump you actually see the rewards for all of your hard

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