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[IP] Site Problems

Michael Herdeen asked,>>>"Any suggestions on working around this?
Currently she is on the MiniMed 508 using Soft-set
Micro infusion sets with Humalog. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,  Michael Herdeen<<<<<

Michael, I have learned several tricks about site absorption.  I don't know if they will work, but here are my experiences..
When I had the big fight (mentioned previously) about needing the equivalent of a new site every 1.6 days, I was changing to a new infusion set every time my bg went up after a site change.   Yes, I prime 1 unit and yes, I keep the old set in for a couple of hours.  So, now, I check bgs at least 2 times before putting in a new site.   I found that for whatever reason sometimes my bgs would rise after a site change.   Then, two or three hours later site would be working fine.   I would bolus for the rise on the second check.  It is my lack of patience that cost the extra sets about 50% of the  time.  And I know my insulin peeks in about 1.5 hours.   My highly unscientific theory is that when you have a new site, it takes some time for the insulin to make its way through a new "field" of epidermis and create a "stream" to the best place to work on the pancreas.   It is my personal SWAG.   So, you might try not changing the site the first bg check after a site change, and hang in there for one more check...Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.  
Bonnie Richardson
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