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Re: [IP] Problems!! (Sorry - this is long!)


That is VERY frustrating!  I am surprised your Dr.'s office didn't offer to 
give you any insulin.  I have said this before - I used to work for an Endo. 
in NM and I will tell you that drug reps keep their cabinets and 
refrigerator stocked full of products.  I am sure your Endo. or PCP have 
some insulin to help you out in the interim.  I would call them (whichever 
Dr. you choose) and ask them for 4 bottles to tide you over for a month to 
get you through this mess.  After all, aren't they the one who wrote out the 
RX wrong?  In the Dr.'s defense, I was a Med. Asst. and sometimes we were 
the ones who wrote out the RX to save the Doc time and they just signed it.  
Obviously, it was an oversite for everyone involved.  Kudos to you for 
making sure your RX was written correctly!

Good luck!

Jenie Harrison
Plano, TX

>From: "Debra Graves" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] Problems!!  (Sorry - this is long!)
>Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 02:27:49 -0600
>This is a vent!  I'm getting EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED here!!
>I've been fighting with the insurance company -- again!
>In case you don't remember -- I have GHP Caremark - and if I go to my local
>Wal-Mart pharmacy to get my insulin -- my co-pay is $20 per bottle (all 
>that don't come prepackaged are $20 for a month's supply!) but if I mail 
>it -- I pay the monthly co-pay for 2 months and get 3 months worth.  So, I 
>a prescription from my doctor and sent everything in.  I got my shipment of
>insulin last Saturday -- when I got home late Saturday afternoon -- it's
>sitting on my mailbox -- in the direct sunlight! (And it was about 80 
>out on Saturday) and I knew it had been sitting there for a couple hours.  
>took it inside -- and guess what.  You're right -- no ice pack!!  Besides
>which -- there were only 4 bottles of insulin! (which is what I use in one
>So, first thing Monday morning -- I called.  The doctor wrote on the script 
>bottles per month" with 3 refills.  They don't take it this way.  Since she
>wrote it for 4 bottles - that's what I got for 3 months!  (Thank goodness 
>didn't specify amounts - cause they did tell me that since she didn't 
>an amount, they couldn't calculate it - so I can get it refilled anytime!)  
>- I got screwed out of $40 this time cause they won't do anything about it.
>Then, I aked about no ice pack and was told "it's been cool out."  I told 
>about it sitting in the sun in 80 degree weather -- and they told me not to
>use it because it might have reached over 86 degrees which is when it goes 
>- they're going to send me a package to return it in - and they will send 
>me a
>new shipment.  Well, guess what.  I'm STILL waiting on it -- and I'm almost
>out of insulin!  Figures!!
>Thank goodness I was checking into getting the new pump - and was given the
>phone number for the Diabetic Consultant at the insurance company!  I 
>all kinds of things from her!  The most important at this point being that
>K-Mart pharmacies are also contracted to do the 90-day supplies - just like
>mail order!!  So no more mail order for me!!  I'll just drive an hour to
>K-Mart!  So, I called the doctor's office to get a new script -- cause 
>my shipment from the mail order pharmacy gets here tomorrow -- I'm going to
>run out of insulin Saturday!   And I sure don't want to go to Wal-Mart and 
>$20 for just one bottle!  So, I called the doctor's office -- explained 
>the error in the prescription last time - and told them I needed a new one. 
>  I
>stopped in to pick it up today and (good thing I work in the medical field 
>could read exactly what it said!) it was written for "Humalog 1.4 u OD" 
>means 1.4 units of insulin a day!!!  That's my hourly basal rate!!  If I'd
>sent that to the insurance company - I'd have only gotten one bottle of
>insulin when they calculated it out!!  Then the nurse asked me how it 
>be written!!  I told her it's always been written just as "Humalog insulin 
>pump"  before with no problems -- with a quantity of 4 per month -- or 12 
>this case since it is a 90-day supply.  So, I have to go back tomorrow to 
>a CORRECT prescription!  Along with the 12 dozen other things I have to do 
>my one day off this week!  Plus, I have to drive to the same town K-Mart is 
>next Tuesday to see the new endo!  Why can't everything be the same day?
>Cause that's the way my luck goes!
>Sorry this is so long -- but I'm getting REALLY frustrated here!
>Deb in Southern Illinois
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