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Re: [IP] Low volume alert

if it doesn't alert till 10, then why not set it to 100 (when it is at 110)
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Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 10:15 AM
Subject: [IP] Low volume alert

>Okay, those of you with MM508.  My book says that it should alert at 20 and
>again at 10.  Rachel's has never alerted (even though she has run out of
>insulin.  MM replaced her pump due to this, but the new one doesn't alert
>until 10.  I am going to try to watch it myself more closely because she
>ran out the other night at midnight, only got 1/2 her correction bolus and
>then went three hours without insulin!  Pretty scary.  Any input?
>Mom to 4 teenagers and Rachel and Blossom (MM508) 4 years old
>Soon to be Grandma Missi
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