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My daughter age 9 was diagnosed type 1 on September 17,2001.  I realize our 
lives will never be the same.  However, I need support in knowing that maybe 
down the road we will be able to sleep at night and not worry about her low 
bs.  Is there anyone out there that does sleep through an entire night?  We 
are in the process of getting her on an animas pump.  How difficult is it to 
set basal rates?  I have no experience with setting basal rates.  I adjust 
her insulin Humalog and NPH daily but have to admit I am usually guessing.  
We've had two very sucessful days since September 17th.  I need to feel hope 
that with a pump we can be more successful than two good days in 7 weeks.  I 
am afraid that my expectations with a pump might be to high.  However, at 
this point in time I need to feel like we have hope.  I usually look at each 
day with a renewed sense that it's a bonus having my daughter.   We all know 
without insulin and modern medicine my situation would be unthinkable.  I try 
to stay on the positive side but at times it's difficult especially without 
sleep.  The closer we come the having her on a pump the more frightened I 
become that it will be to difficult to regulate her.  Any input from other 
pumpers will be appreciated.  God Bless, Ann
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