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[IP] Problems!! (Sorry - this is long!)

This is a vent!  I'm getting EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED here!!

I've been fighting with the insurance company -- again!

In case you don't remember -- I have GHP Caremark - and if I go to my local
Wal-Mart pharmacy to get my insulin -- my co-pay is $20 per bottle (all meds
that don't come prepackaged are $20 for a month's supply!) but if I mail order
it -- I pay the monthly co-pay for 2 months and get 3 months worth.  So, I got
a prescription from my doctor and sent everything in.  I got my shipment of
insulin last Saturday -- when I got home late Saturday afternoon -- it's
sitting on my mailbox -- in the direct sunlight! (And it was about 80 degrees
out on Saturday) and I knew it had been sitting there for a couple hours.  I
took it inside -- and guess what.  You're right -- no ice pack!!  Besides
which -- there were only 4 bottles of insulin! (which is what I use in one

So, first thing Monday morning -- I called.  The doctor wrote on the script "4
bottles per month" with 3 refills.  They don't take it this way.  Since she
wrote it for 4 bottles - that's what I got for 3 months!  (Thank goodness she
didn't specify amounts - cause they did tell me that since she didn't specify
an amount, they couldn't calculate it - so I can get it refilled anytime!)  So
- I got screwed out of $40 this time cause they won't do anything about it.

Then, I aked about no ice pack and was told "it's been cool out."  I told them
about it sitting in the sun in 80 degree weather -- and they told me not to
use it because it might have reached over 86 degrees which is when it goes bad
- they're going to send me a package to return it in - and they will send me a
new shipment.  Well, guess what.  I'm STILL waiting on it -- and I'm almost
out of insulin!  Figures!!

Thank goodness I was checking into getting the new pump - and was given the
phone number for the Diabetic Consultant at the insurance company!  I learned
all kinds of things from her!  The most important at this point being that
K-Mart pharmacies are also contracted to do the 90-day supplies - just like
mail order!!  So no more mail order for me!!  I'll just drive an hour to
K-Mart!  So, I called the doctor's office to get a new script -- cause unless
my shipment from the mail order pharmacy gets here tomorrow -- I'm going to
run out of insulin Saturday!   And I sure don't want to go to Wal-Mart and pay
$20 for just one bottle!  So, I called the doctor's office -- explained about
the error in the prescription last time - and told them I needed a new one.  I
stopped in to pick it up today and (good thing I work in the medical field and
could read exactly what it said!) it was written for "Humalog 1.4 u OD" which
means 1.4 units of insulin a day!!!  That's my hourly basal rate!!  If I'd
sent that to the insurance company - I'd have only gotten one bottle of
insulin when they calculated it out!!  Then the nurse asked me how it should
be written!!  I told her it's always been written just as "Humalog insulin per
pump"  before with no problems -- with a quantity of 4 per month -- or 12 in
this case since it is a 90-day supply.  So, I have to go back tomorrow to get
a CORRECT prescription!  Along with the 12 dozen other things I have to do on
my one day off this week!  Plus, I have to drive to the same town K-Mart is in
next Tuesday to see the new endo!  Why can't everything be the same day?
Cause that's the way my luck goes!

Sorry this is so long -- but I'm getting REALLY frustrated here!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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