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Re: [IP] Rehi there

At 09:40 PM 11/8/01 thanish wrote:
 >Hi jeff, I am so scared, i havent been sleeping much because i keep
 >wondering how im gonna run with the pump, how im gonna sleep with it, I
 >sleep in tshirt, nothing else...lol....how will i do my crunches, for abs,
 >everything else you can think of, I just dont know.  I am afraid i will feel
 >like im not human anymore, sound weird?  what do you think about your pump?
 >What are some of the problems and worries youve had?   I really need to talk
 >to someone who knows what its like.  Thank you for emailing me back,

Trust me... it's much scarier before you get the pump, than it is 
afterwards. After 3 1/2 years, I think about my pump about as often as I 
think about my wristwatch or wearing my glasses. It just becomes a normal 
part of me. There is very little that I can't do with a pump... the fact 
that I have a set in place is barely noticeable... I sleep on it all the 
time without even knowing that it's there.

The bottom line is that there's really nothing to worry about. Just take 
one small step at a time... soon enough you'll turn around and see how far 
you've come. We've all done it.

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