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Re: [IP] Popcorn

>Pat Tennies <email @ redacted> wrote:
><<<This lady actually said that if I eat popcorn at a movie, that I have to
>bring the
>container home and fill it with popcorn and measure it so that next time I
>will know down to the last kernal!!!!  Give me a break - I think I can
>figure out how many cups with my half of brain! >>

Hmmm, I hate to tell this lady that I don't bolus much of anything for 
popcorn unless I eat mass quantities of it.  If I eat a cup or 2 of popcorn 
and bolus for the carbs I always go low.  Seems like popcorn has enough 
fiber in it so I don't need to bolus for it.  I also do not bolus for green 
vegetables, even though they have a carb count, but because of the fiber in 
them, unless I eat mass quantities I don't need to bolus or even add them 
in to my total carb count.  YMMV.

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