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Re: [IP] Same Day Surgeries and the pump

Donna Francisco wrote:

>Can anyone give me any insight on surgeries (done in the OR) and the pump.
>Can the pump stay attached?  Does the pump come off with insulin started as
>a drip through the IV? Or what?

Sure, the pump can stay connected and delivering your basal rate,
provided that it's ok with the anesthesiologist and the surgeon. I
have found that it's difficult to find out who is going to be the
anesthesiologist until just a few hours before the surgery. Many anes
are comfortable with insulin pumps, but some are old fashioned and
have the mistaken belief that the pump is so automatic that it will
automatically deliver a meal bolus when the time for a meal arrives.
If you run into this sort of thing you have to be prepared to explain
to them how the pump really works. If the anes talks about delivering
insulin via IV you need to try and talk him/her out of it because you
have already determined what your correct basal rate is and your pump
is prepared to deliver insulin at that rate. It's also a good idea for
you to discuss the surgery with your endo, and assuming that your endo
recommends keeping the pump running, you can refer the anes to the
endo to support your intention to keep the pump running.

Depending on what part of your body is being operated on, you could
find that some of your possible infusion sites might get in the way of
the surgery. If so, then you have to use a more appropriate site. And
you want to be sure your reservoir is full, or nearly full, so you
don't have to be concerned with a site change for a couple of days.

My experience: July 2000 Laparascopic repair of inguinal hernia with
general anesthesia. Look in IP archives for my report dated 7/15/00.
Oct 2001 Replacement of cataracted lens in left eye with local

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pump 1995
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