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Re: [IP] carb counting

Pam Said:

>I have only used a measuring cup once and I have a set of glasses that >I 
>know just how much to pour to get 8 oz. as far as a scale I have one 
> >someplace in the kitchen and if I happen to make something new that I >am 
>not sure of the weight I will pull it out.

I did something similar.  Every time we got a new glass, cup, bowl, dish, 
whatever, we would fill it with a measured amount of food to see how much it 
would hold.  A couple of times when I was small, my mom would put tape or a 
black line on something so I could do it myself.

I still have a scale, and we use it very infrequently.  Sometimes we forget 
the serving size, if its not something I eat often.

I learned about carb counting a few years ago at the Joslin Clinic, but at 
that point, it was geared more toward figuring out how much of a prepackaged 
meal you could eat, or something similar.  When I explained to the CDE and 
dietician when I was doing, they were completely satisfied with what I was 
doing.  The only caution they gave me was to make sure I didn't take any one 
person's word as an absolute and to use the suggestions I get (from here and 
elsewhere) as guidelines to do my own things.

I'm thinking you need to see if you can go to someone else.  Can your endo 
refer you elsewhere?

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