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[IP] Kathie

To Kathie:

Who wrote this:
>I am a 41 year old female.  I have been a diabetic since 1981.  They put me
>insulin from day one and I am now up to 3 shots a day.

>I am in complete denial of this disease, and I am so sick of having to take
>shots.  I am not using an insulin pump at this time but I am very
interested in
>finding out about using one.

I hope you will start to except the fact that you have the Big D and should
start to take responsibility for it.  I have had it for 36 years and it
hasn't always been easy.  But, with todays technology and new treatment
options, you will have a much easier time handling it and be under much
better control than I was even at your young age.  You do need to handle it
to avoid the complications that can come with not taking control.  Just
remember that you are not alone and we are here to help you.  Also, I have
been on the pump for 4.5 years now and would never consider going back to
Good luck...Jim P.
Diabetic 36/ pumper 4.5 yrs
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