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[IP] Jogging with the pump

JRSmith wrote:
>If any pumpers have any suggestions on the best way to wear the pump when 
>jogging it would be greatly appreciated. I have been on the pump for 6 
>weeks and currently carry the pump in my hand when jogging.

I jog for 3 miles, 3 times/week. My jogs last a little over a half an hour. 
I stay attached to the pump and I don't bother changing my basal or 
disconnecting during the run. I tried both when I first started pumping, 
but I realized that the insulin I'm using during the run was infused before 
I ran and the insulin I'm infusing during the run will be used after my 
rather short run is over. I also never detected any advantage to changing 
the basal or disconnecting and, since it made things a bit more 
complicated, I decided to keep the pump running at the regular basal dose. 
As in all things diabetic, YMMV. (If I ran for over an hour, then I would 
indeed detach the pump.)

I wear jogging shorts/pants with pockets and I stuff the pump into one of 
the front pockets. (I use Minimed 42" Sof-set Ultimate QR infusion sets.) 
Beat-up blue jeans (the ones with the holes at the knees that I'd otherwise 
throw away) and Lands' End running shorts work well. I'm not able, then, to 
wear running gear without pockets, but since I always used pockets anyway 
to carry candy and keys, the pump hasn't changed my look.

I *never* carry the pump around in my hand -- I don't trust myself not to 
drop it. ;-)


regards, Andy
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