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[IP] RE: idea spurred by "punching non diabetic" post

I have have enjoyed reading about others who have had the same experiences
with a sometimes ignorant person who volunteers their comments and advice.  I
concur with the top 5 list already submitted, and I'd like to add a few more
of my own:

1) Diabetes is a completely controllable, manageable disease.

First, I hate the word "control" when it comes to this disease.  It
marginalizes the seriousness of this condition, and makes it seem so much less
important than other conditions.  In fact, diabetes consumes 15% of the
national health care spending, yet receives only 3% of the federal research
dollars towards a cure.  On the other hand, AIDS consumers only 3% of the
federal health care spending, but receives 15% of the research dollars  and
it's a condition we know how to prevent, unlike Type 1 diabetes.  And I hate
to break it to you, but theoretically, IDDM is controllable, but since there
are so many factors which can influence your blood sugars (hormones, stress,
illness, growth, food content) that even under the best circumstances, it
doesnt always respond as predictably as the medical textbook theories
suggests.  The best anyone can do is their best

2) Diabetics who experience low blood sugars are "out of control".

Experiencing low blood sugar does NOT mean your diabetes is out of control,
especially if youre taking multiple daily injections with some long-acting
insulin as your basal coverage.  Long-acting insulin is "suspended" action
with zinc, but the bodys absorption rate still varies significantly from day
to day.  Also, the tighter control you maintain over this condition, you are
statistically much closer to the edge of low blood sugar and are therefore
more likely to experience hypoglycemia.  Although a diabetic who never has low
blood sugar makes everyone feel like their condition is "under control" which
makes everyone around them feel better because they dont have to worry, dont
be so quick to judge  their A1cs may tell a very different story that
perhaps should get you more worried!

3)  Just because Im not in a good mood doesnt automatically mean there is
something wrong with my blood sugar.

No one is qualified to make such assumption based solely on that.  Diabetics
have moods like everyone else.  Its like assuming "its that time of the month
again" when any woman (even those who have been through menopause) is moody
because of hormones.  Make the suggestion to "go test yourself" at your own

4)  Keeping your diabetes under control eliminates the risk of complications,
and only people who fail to manage their condition experience complications.

First, even the much-heralded DCCT proved that tight control did not eliminate
complications, it reduced the likelihood by approx. 60%.  Thats a good reason
to manage the condition, but it still means that statistically, diabetics
(even model patients) are still 40% more likely than the general population to
experience some type of complication, whether its with nerves, eyes, kidneys
the heart or all of the above.  And some diabetics never have complications,
even though they are generally not in great control, while some who are very
diligent in managing their condition are cursed with complications anyway. 
That should be all we need to get more funding towards finding a cure.

Well, that's my two cents.  Any other additions?  Corrections?
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