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Re: [IP] idea spurred by "punching non diabetic" post

At 10:50 AM 11/8/2001 Pixie wrote:
 >> For example my top 5 myths I would like to dispell would include:
 >> Anyway, those are my votes for 5 myths.  What ones would you include in
 >> list?

 >1.) There are only two types of diabetes. (There are several others, incl.
 >MODY and subtypes of genetic diabetes which manifest as Type1, turn to Type
 >2 and revert back to Type 1, have both insulin resistance and lower than
 >average C-Peptide)

Another variant of this is that Type 1 only happens to children. Many 
people are surprised to learn that these kids grow up and become adults... 
and guess what, they are still diabetic! Some of us even became Type 1 as 
adults... I was age 37 when first diagnosed. This only goes to show that 
any general statements about a large group are as likely to be wrong as 

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