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Re: [IP] my site is killing me!!- and insurance vent

>Have your Endo. wrote your order for a site change every two days instead of
>every three days.  They you would get extra.  My Endo writes all of my
>orders/prescriptions to include a few extra.  For instance, even thought I
>only use 2 vials of insulin per month, he writes it for 3 because he know
>that sometimes you drop a bottle and it shatters.  It's happened to us all!
>Roxanne M. Villanueva RD, LD, CPT
>Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Woah!  You've never dealt with BC/BS of Michigan, I see.  I'm in the 
process of appealing my insurance's limit of 200 test strips per 
month.  Never mind that my doctor writes my prescription for 300, they only 
want to pay for 200.  Never mind that Michigan has passed Public Act 424 
which says that they must pay for all diabetes supplies that are considered 
medically necessary, they still only want to pay for 200.  I've actually 
gone to the pharmacy (back on shots) and presented my doctor's prescription 
for insulin and the pharmacist asked how much insulin I took per day, and 
then computed how many bottles I needed regardless of what the doctor 
wrote.  And, my insurance's current limit for infusion sets is *10 boxes 
per year*, at 10 sets per box that gives me 100 per year.  Now, do the math 
and even at 1 set per 3 days, that leaves me a bit short at the end of the 
year.  I haven't had to fight the battle for more sets yet, but it may be 

RoseLea, who's getting tired of fighting insurance for everything.
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