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Re: [IP] Re: silhouettes

How did your set get pulled out, was it that the tubing got yanked on? Or 
just that the  attached tape did not stick?  I find that for abdomen and 
hip/upper buttock sites- I just use an iv prep (which removes any soap film, 
leaves the area tacky so the site sticks better, as well as has an 
antimicrobial) is all I need even in humid sweaty weather, but when I use a 
thigh site, I also cut a hole in a Tegaderm for the disconnect site and put 
over the site then add a couple strips of paper tape on top of iv prep across 
the tubing a couple inches from the site to prevent heavier jeans from 
rubbing the tape and to keep thumbs from accidentally yanking on the tubing 
when dropping the drawers too quickly (using the tape across the tubing does 
mean that I have to use an iv prep and retape after showers, but I only do 
this when I use thigh sites, so it isn't all the time)

Hope this helps!

aka Mouse
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