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[IP] more infusion sets, please

Julie Said "So what happens if twice 
in a month I have to change my site early?  Then I'm short.  Don't they ever 
take this into consideration?  It makes me so mad.  Sorry- just had to vent 
;) Julie"

Your doc has to write your prescription for more infusion sets or whatever.   I just had a recent battle, not with Blue Cross, but with MiniMed folks, I ordered 6 boxes of silhouettes (combo packs) because I have site problems after all these years of pushing needles in my body.   First thing they said I had just gotten a large order and it showed I was using the sils every 7-8 hours.....I kept arguing that can't be , got my doc involved, he gave them prescription for 6 boxes, they still yelled that BCBS would not pay it.   I said well tell me how to go off the pump cause I gotta have it.  Went back and forth several times, faxes to MM and to my doc and THEN   I checked my last order divided up and found they had divided backwards, that I really averaged 1 and 2/3 days between changes.  well I faxed the Minimed to learn how to do math, and send me my damn sils.   Within minutes I had an email saying 6 boxes would be fedexed out immediately. 

Since, I have site problems, I may go through 3 infusion sets to get one good 3.5 day site.   This lowers my averages and explains why I have a dresser drawer full of untouched tubing.  

So get your doc involved.  
Bonnie Richardson

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