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Re: [IP] my site is killing me!!- and insurance vent

> This happened to me just yesterday!  My site was so painful, and I'd
> had it in for almost a whole day with no problems.  No visible blood
> in the cannula, no high bg's... just pain.  Then whe I took it out,
> just to be on the safe side, there was no lump or bruise or mark of
> any kind.  It looked like a normal site.  It's so weird.
> My problem is, my supply company only gives me an exact number of
> everything to change my sites every 3 days... 10 of everything per
> month.  Occasionally someone else must fill my order, because there
> have been times when they've opened packages in order to give me an
> exact count, and other times when they just send a box of 100.  My
> insurance company is very particular and only will authoirize a 1
> month supply at a time.  So what happens if twice in a month I have
> to change my site early?  Then I'm short.  Don't they ever take this
> into consideration?  It makes me so mad.  Sorry- just had to vent ;)

A precise number of changes a month is not what you "need" or I doubt 
what the doctor ordered. Since the standard of care say that sites 
should be changed every 2 days, that is the minimum the insurance 
company could reasonably supply if push comes to shove. That fact 
that you choose to change less often is to there benefit and 
raises the health risk to you of a site infection, site 
deterioration, etc.... Get a prescription for changes every 2 days 
and go to war with your insurance company. You will win.

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