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Re: [IP] dual & square bolus help

> I'm not very good at doing dual and square wave bolus... how do you
> know how long to spread out the delivery of insulin??
> Tips would be appreciated.  I'm very tired of eating stuff like
> pizza and having my bg's go nuts. ;)

Check your bg's every hour or so after eating, do a routine hbg bolus 
and keep records. I would assume your med team has provided you 
with either a methodology or specific recomendations to deal with 
highs. In general, you do pretty much the same kind of estimate 
you would do for unused insulin, except it's for the food 
instead. Each time you do this for the same kind of pizza you 
can improve your track record. When you are close to ideal, look at 
the record of the hbg bolus's and simply spread that amount of 
insulin into your square wave. It's not magic, just trial and error.

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