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Re: [IP] idea spurred by "punching non diabetic" post

> For example my top 5 myths I would like to dispell would include:
> Anyway, those are my votes for 5 myths.  What ones would you include in
> list?

My fave myths are

1.) There are only two types of diabetes. (There are several others, incl.
MODY and subtypes of genetic diabetes which manifest as Type1, turn to Type
2 and revert back to Type 1, have both insulin resistance and lower than
average C-Peptide)

2.) Diabetics should not have children (grrrrr....)

3) Type 2 diabetics could have prevented their illness. They ate their way
to diabetes (bullhockey oh how this one infuriates me!!)

4) Diabetes is a death-sentence so why bother taking care of it
aggressively? It will kil you no matter what!
(It's a life sentence, until there's a cure, pumps are parole:)

Ok, I feel better now:)

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