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[IP] idea spurred by "punching non diabetic" post

While I agree that we are "lucky" to have a disease we have some control
over, I don't think it's wrong that we are often frustrated by the ignorance
surrounding this disease.  This is a perfect place for venting our
frustrations.  I was wondering though, if we could come up with a list of
"Myths about IDDM" together that we could send to our friends and relatives.
I think it would have to be a sort of short list (so they would actually
read it!) of the top, say, 5 Myths about IDDM, followed by the facts that
dispell the myths.  It would also help if we could word it in a way that
doesn't sound too hostile or whiney (not an easy task!).

For example my top 5 myths I would like to dispell would include:

1. Diabetics shouldn't eat sweets.
2. If a diabetic has a high or low blood sugar it's because he/she has been
3. Having an insulin pump or taking multiple injections must mean you have
it really "bad".
4. With insulin, Type 1 diabetics can lead a normal life (Yeah, if you
consider what we have to do everyday to stay healthy "normal"). This one
irritates me because it seems to say "There is no need to try and find a
cure since diabetics can lead a normal life as it is"...what it really means
is that to the rest of the world we can "appear" to lead a normal life and
that makes the rest of the world feel good about it.*
5.  The worst part about Type 1 must be having to take shots...if a pill was
available that would be just as good as a "cure".

*I can't volunteer to write this letter as my tone is too hostile!

Anyway, those are my votes for 5 myths.  What ones would you include in the
 I think if someone can come up with a really good list and follow up by
dispelling the myths, we should use it to "inform" as many people as we can
via e-mail.  It could start off "A lot of people from my Insulin Pumpers
mailing list got together with a short list of myths we would like to
dispell about DM and here they are..."
What do you all think?
kindest regards,
email @ redacted
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