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[IP] still carb counting

Hey - Thanks to all you great people again.  The
response to my carb counting mis-adventure with that
anal dietician has been overwhelming.  Here is just
part of one response:

Using the pump and adjusting basals does not just run
it's course on 
many carbs are in foods but how different foods affect
your b.g. 
the glycemic index....

 THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!  That is why my carb counting
doesn't always work even if it is calculated to the
last 1/10 of a gram.   I am feeling much better now
about the job I am doing - because I am really trying.
 I'm using a pretty comprehensive carb book and
ordered a new scale (digital instead of my old
fashioned one).   This lady actually said that if I
eat popcorn at a movie, that I have to bring the
container home and fill it with popcorn and measure it
so that next time I will know down to the last
kernal!!!!  Give me a break - I think I can figure out
how many cups with my half of brain!  I also told her
I was a member of this list and she was very sarcastic
and told me this list is mostly hogwash.  That is her
loss I guess, as she is also diabetic!!!!!  IP has
only helped me and for that I am very greatful to all
of you!!

Pat (will be pumping soon, I think!)

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