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[IP] carb counting

I was trained in a group to go on the pump, and believe me, by the time we
were ready to go pumping and happy, we all wanted to never ever see that
dietician woman again.  She was a dictator! We had lunch over the training
sessions that MM brought in from a local sandwich shop. The dietician
actually took the sandwich apart, measured by either weight or volume each
slice of tomato, lettuce, cheese, meat, etc. She even scraped off the mayo
on the sandwich, tried to put it into measuring spoons and then back onto
the sandwich. I understand that with carb counting you are dealing with
grams - very small amounts. However, I have learned which glass in my house
to use that gives my 8oz, about how much cheese equals x amount of carbs. I
do still measure rice, pasta, cereal because I have  tendency to estimate
incorrectly if I eyeball it. I think that the dietician should not be
deciding when you go on the pump, the endo should. If s/he lets the decision
lay with the CDE, talk with that person and demonstrate that you understand
the principles of carb counting and you want a pump now! You want the next
three months to be spent reversing and limiting complications not beginning
or exacerbating them. Everyone's experience is different, but I think the
regimented attitude your dietician is demonstrating leads to failure - too
Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

Justice and Peace for All Americans
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