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RE: [IP] Question/possible suggestions?

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Kathy Bruckmeyer wrote:
	Have any of you tried bolusing say like 1.0 U after your fasting b.g. and
then bolus for your breakfast deducting the 1.0 from it to see if that will
help lower the spike after eating?
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After years of problems in the morning, I found that my b.g. rises when I
get up - whatever the time. So instead of covering it with basals, I take a
bolus as soon as I get up and test, adjusting for a low or high if
necessary. For me, that bolus amount is 1 - 1.5 units. While I don't deduct
the amount from my breakfast bolus, I did change my bolus ratio for
breakfast since I wasn't covering that rise anymore.

I'm also one of those who are brittle, unstable, changeable, etc. Some other
things I've found that help in the morning are:
1) Take all or a portion of my breakfast bolus 10-15 minutes before eating
2) When I begin to eat set the remaining bolus as an extended (square wave)
bolus for 1 hour
The amounts and timing of the above varies during the course of the month,
but I have had better success with this. I also use an extended bolus for
lunch. Spreading out the boluses seem to work better for me.

So this is what works for me. I am very sensitive to insulin so little
changes mean a lot.

pumping w/HTron 9-96; Animas 3-01

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