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RE: [IP] Need some Information

Marilyn [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Hi all.  This may be old news but I haven't been around for a 
> while.  I was
> wondering, has anyone heard of a type of wrists band or watch 
> type constant
> monitoring device?? I was just talking w/an attorney the 
> other day and he
> said a company by the name of Cygnus is working on one and is 
> already FDA
> approved but not on the market yet. 

The GlucoWatch was approved for manufacture and marketing last Friday.
Check out the web page at http://www.glucowatch.com/us/default.html.  One
thing to be careful of is that some web sites are calling this a
non-invasive monitor.  It is not.  Because of a small electric current used
to draw interstitial fluid into the sensor pad, it is considered minimally

While this device is definitely a step in the right direction, there are
some weaknesses that are not immediately obvious:  

The first is that it is not a continuous sensor, but it takes readings every
20 minutes;

It requires a new battery every day (AAA); 

It has a three hour "warm up" period for each new sensor - that is it takes
no readings until three hours after a new sensor is installed;

It needs to be recalibrated with each new sensor - and that calibration is
done with a standard home test meter, finger stick and all;

It is expensive - close to $300, and a total expense of over $12/day for
sensors and batteries.

So, while it's a good step, it's a long way from the "perfect" tool.  It's
best use will be for those with hypoglycemia unawareness in that it can
sound an alarm.  It also can let the user know if BG is on the way up or
down which could have an impact on how a low or high is treated.

HTH . . .

Jim Handsfield
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