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[IP] Need some Information

Hi all.  This may be old news but I haven't been around for a while.  I was
wondering, has anyone heard of a type of wrists band or watch type constant
monitoring device?? I was just talking w/an attorney the other day and he
said a company by the name of Cygnus is working on one and is already FDA
approved but not on the market yet. Don't know exactly how it would work,
but wouldn't it be great if we could wear something that would monitor
sugar all day long? You would think since the pump is already attached to
us, they could add it to that!  

I've been diabetic 40 years and just discovered the pump two years ago!  I
am 57 yrs. old. Those of you having a hard time adjusting, just hang in
there.  I am so slow to learn, and had a very difficult time getting my
sugar adjusted to the pump.  I think my basal was too low for the first
year, thus having many high readings!!  Just couldn't get it right. Doing
great now!  God bless you all!!  Marilyn
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