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[IP] Response to carb counting query

Thanks to Debra, George, Deanna, and Jocelyn for your
input with carb counting.  It gives me some
experienced perspective.  I am not a dummy (as this
dietician seems to think) and am pretty careful about
portions.  I will, at least, invest in a scale to help
me out, but it is true that things like potatoes come
in different sugar content.  My recipe calc computer
program even separates the seasons of tomatoes - so
there must be different sugar contents depending on
the amt. of sunshine and warm weather.

It is stressful enough to deal with this day to day. 
She will take all my enjoyment out of eating (a little
would be OK!!!).  I know a young pumper here in town
that rarely measures her blood sugar.  She went from
an A1c of 16 down to 9.  Not that I think that is
great  (I personally would be very upset if my A1c was
9!!).  But, it just goes to show you that even someone
like she has benefitted from pumping!!

Pat (pumped - but not pumping!!)

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