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Re: [IP] carb counting

>I went to the CDE yesterday to supposedly start on the
>pump.  When I got there, there was a dietician from
>Animas there and she kind of took over the whole
>meeting.  She said that I am not counting carbs right.
>  That I have to measure my milk in a measuring cup
>(not pour it in an 8oz glass, because it may be 9 oz.
>or 7 oz.) and that I have to have a diet scale.  I
>have been using a carb reference book to get carb
>values of food - she said that is not acceptable.
>I would just like some input from other people - how
>do you count carbs - very, very accurately, or
>educated estimates, or another way.
>So...what do ya'll think.  Do I need a scale?
>Pat (pumped, but not pumping!!)

I started out with a scale and measuring cups until I learned to "eyeball" 
things fairly accurately.  For me, being off an ounce or so doesn't really 
matter.   Now, the only time I weigh or measure is when I'm just not sure 
at all.  But, let's face it, you need to eventually learn to "eyeball" 
things, since you're not going to carry a measuring cup and scale around 
with you when you go out to eat.  Ask your CDE what you're supposed to do 
when you're at a restaurant and don't have access to a measuring cup and 
scale.  She may just want you to do this in the beginning, just until you 
learn to be more accurate at guessing carbs (commonly known as the SWAG 
method of carb counting - Scientific Wild _ss Guess).  This takes time to 
learn, and in the beginning it may be easier to gauge basals and boluses if 
you're measuring more accurately.  After awhile, you may not need to do 
this so much... YMMV.

RoseLea, pumping since May 15, 2000.
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