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RE: [IP] carb counting

First of all, I would have a serious talk with your endo and cde about all
of this.  If they are in agreement about your going on the pump, then the
dietician is only there for the purpose of helping you learn how to count
carbs and not to dictate what is right for your taking care of your

There are tons of books out there on carb counting but not everything is in
them.  I found, that when I FINALLY met with a dietician, I got some answers
about things I had no count for and other than that.......

Well, we all have measuring cups for liquid and dry items, measuring spoons
and a scale somewhere.

Using the pump and adjusting basals does not just run it's course on how
many carbs are in foods but how different foods affect your b.g. especially
the glycemic index....

Now, either we can all go crazy trying to be chemists or we can get on with
our lives and learn how to eyeball different foods and if we are having
problems, take out the measuring cups, etc. or just not be on the pump at

I practiced carb counting for 6 months while I waited for all the nonsense
of the CPeptide test and other stuff to get my pump so by the time I got it,
I was pretty well on my way.

I do measure a lot of my stuff just to be on the safe side but when a book
says 1 potato, it doesn't give you the weight of the potato, you have to
learn to eyeball stuff and see if a small one or a medium one works best for
you..ditto with lots of other stuff.

One thing I did learn though is that you can deduct the gr. of fiber from
the carb total...this I never knew so I feel like when I eat higher fiber
stuff I'm getting off a little :) :) :)

Call your endo and cde and discuss this matter with them and be firm about
it and insist that you be allowed to start pumping...you've been waiting
much too long!

Good luck and keep us posted!
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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