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Re: [IP] punching non-diabetics

A woman after my own heart. I do the same thing with my reg.  biology class,
also env. science when we talk about nutrients and then anatomy just gets a
major lesson. As a matter of fact, when I taught it to Anatomy a couple of
weeks ago, they went and got Jared out of class to see how his pump works,
had him check his sugar and of course he was high so they watched him bolus.
They really learned. We have another student who is on shots and they have
seen that.
I also talk about sickle cell anemia a lot because about 42% of our students
are black. They all know someone who has sickle cell also. I think it is
really good that they learn this. I had one student tell me he thought diab.
was no big deal, but then I taught them about it and he really understood.
Julie, Mom to Jared 15, dx'd 5/99, pumping Disetronic Htron,
Hope 12, Mitchell 10
Elkmont, AL
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