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[IP] Re: Carb counting and needing a scale

Pat - OUCH!  I would wager my next pay check that the nutritionist is NOT a 
pumper and probably not even diabetic.  As I nurse, I've had a great 
education on the "theory" of diabetes care and the reality of caring for your 
diabetes and pumping.  To hold you off the pump so you can learn to 
"accurately count carbs," in my book is malpractice.  For you endo and CDE to 
sit by says they're woosies and borders on malpractice.

I use the Doctor's Pocket Calorie Fat and CHO book and I do own a scale.  For 
the most part, I eyeball foods but am pushing myself to weigh and measure 
more frequently, especially when my boluses are hitting high or low.  Hope 
you get enough feedback from this listserv to fortify you to take the bull by 
the horns (literally and figuratively) and get that endo and CDE to get you 
on the pump even as you are focusing on more careful carb counts.  It's the 
whole dance you need to learn, not just one step.  Best wishes and good luck. 
 Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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