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Re: [IP] carb counting

In a message dated 11/7/01 8:22:31 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I would just like some input from other people - how

> do you count carbs - very, very accurately, or

> educated estimates, or another way.  This lady will

> make my life miserable.  >>

I agree this woman is miserable, er, making your life miserable ;-)
Why don't you ask her if there's a device for measuring sugar content in 
potatoes since sugar content in potatoes can vary. I learned this while 
working at a mom and pop restaurant that made fresh french fried potatoes b 
dark ones meant high sugar content and light ones meant low.
Find a way around this woman...NOW.
dxed 9/92, hopefully pumping soon and already counting carbs!
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