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Re: [IP] carb counting

Pat Tennies wrote:
> I would just like some input from other people - how
> do you count carbs - very, very accurately, or
> educated estimates, or another way.  This lady will
> make my life miserable.  She said I will not be able
> to start pumping for at least 3 months - have to
> practice carb counting until then!!!!  Even my endo
> thinks she is crazy, but he leaves everything up to
> the CDE who is not saying anything much - she let the
> dietician run on and on.
> So...what do ya'll think.  Do I need a scale?
> Pat (pumped, but not pumping!!)

I need a scale too, Pat.  I've needed one for three years now!  Guess my
eyeballing things has worked out OK.  Ask the dietician if she can recommend a
scale that you can take with you to restaurants?  Everyone has glasses in their
home that they probably know the volume of, and portions of vegetables and meat
can be estimated by the "size of your hand" rule.  The only time I need to
really measure is in the morning when I am not very sensitive to insulin.  This
does bring up a memory though of my mother telling me how when my dad was first
diagnosed (1939) how she counted the milk by drops!  Wow, things have changed. 
When will this dietician?  Experience is more important than any scale.  Get
pumping!   :>)

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