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[IP] carb counting

I went to the CDE yesterday to supposedly start on the
pump.  When I got there, there was a dietician from
Animas there and she kind of took over the whole
meeting.  She said that I am not counting carbs right.
 That I have to measure my milk in a measuring cup
(not pour it in an 8oz glass, because it may be 9 oz.
or 7 oz.) and that I have to have a diet scale.  I
have been using a carb reference book to get carb
values of food - she said that is not acceptable.

I would just like some input from other people - how
do you count carbs - very, very accurately, or
educated estimates, or another way.  This lady will
make my life miserable.  She said I will not be able
to start pumping for at least 3 months - have to
practice carb counting until then!!!!  Even my endo
thinks she is crazy, but he leaves everything up to
the CDE who is not saying anything much - she let the
dietician run on and on.  

So...what do ya'll think.  Do I need a scale?

Pat (pumped, but not pumping!!)

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