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[IP] Question/possible suggestions?

Hi all:
Ok, been on novalog for almost two weeks now.

The good thing is that I have managed to set basals etc. w/o crashing any
longer and I am happy with that.

My problem still exists in a few areas:
1.	The novalog seems to delay even longer than the
2.	I usually wake up around 6-6:30 am and test b.g.
	and then usually eat 2-3 hours after I wake up.  From
	the time I test fasting to the time I test before eating,
	my b.g. are rising around 40-60 pts and I can't figure
	out which basal to raise.
3.	My b.g. are still rising after I eat breakfast even up to
	2-3 hrs after I eat it.

	Have any of you tried bolusing say like 1.0 U after your fasting b.g. and
then bolus for your breakfast deducting the 1.0 from it to see if that will
help lower the spike after eating?

	The way I figure it, if the insulin is delaying 2-3 hours after I take it,
it will actually be setting in 2-3 hours after I eat and will absorb a
little of the spike.

	I have to change my set again tomorrow and am not going to make any
changes...am going to leave basal rates since I'm not sure which one to
change (3A-5A) or (5A-7A)  but I think I would like to try the 1.0 at
fasting but don't know if I deduct that from my bolus for what I am eating
will be right....

	If any of you have tried this or have any suggestions, I would be most

	Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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