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[IP] my site is killing me!!

Hi everyone, just looking for an answer to why my site is really hurting
today. I inserted 36 hours ago in my mid abdomen, it hurt a little more
than usual, but nothing alarming, stayed a little sore for most of the
day. Now my site is absolutley killing me, it feels like the worst bruise
I have ever had!! However there is no actual discoloration at the site and
no evidence of any blood. But I can't even bend at the waist it hurts so
badly. Anyways my blood sugar is fine, 6.4, but I will change my site
anyways... Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone
knows what I did wrong?? I am stumped. No, my waist band of my paints
wouldn't have irritated it, they were lower.

Any ideas??

Thanks, Sarah Arnal (IDDM 8.5 years, pumping MM508 5 months)

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