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[IPn] good opportunity

The folks at Abbott / Medisense have been kind enough to offer some 
of their very newest meters to Insulin Pumpers to help with the 
pledge drive. The meter is the Precision Xtra that measures both 
glucose and blood keytone levels. If you'd like to see the gory 
details, their web page has plenty of information about the new 
features. They've done some nice things in addtion to the usual 
backlighted display, there is a little spotlight that shines on the 
end of the strip in the dark and the cover is luminous so that you 
can find the meter easily in the dark. See:


There are one dozen of these meters available and one will be shipped 
to each of the first 12 donors that contribute $10 per month on a 
continuing basis. I don't know the retail value of this meter, but I 
do know that it is over $60  -- the standard rebate promo for this 
kind of meter. So if you need a new meter, or would just like to help 
support Insulin Pumpers, please consider making a continuing gift 
today by visiting the Insulin Pumpers web site at:


The first 12 continuing contributors of $10 or more per month get the 
goodies. :-)

Best Regards,
email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org