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Re: [IP] punching non-diabetics

Roxanne raises some good points that I agree with. However, even though all 
this venting seems like anger and resentment and energy, to me it's just fun 
and validating. I also have educated many on the subject and have had many 
ask questions. I think it's normal to feel upset about ignorance. In fact, I 
think you all would be aghast at my worst experience ever with it. It's kinda 
long, but worth sharing I think....
I think it was five years ago when my husband (then-fiance) were at his 
mother-in-law's during the holidays. One morning, I woke up before everyone 
else. At the time I was still on Regular instead of Humalog. So, I took my 
shot and laid down to wait a half hour before getting up to eat. I feel 
asleep. I remember waking up sometime later but the memories thereafter are 
spotty. I had a severe hypo and my family got some juice and called 911. By 
the time paramedics arrived they had gotten me to drink some of the juice (I 
was semi-conscious). The first clear memory I have is of a really cute 
firefighter asking me what day it was.
I was so embarrassed and most of my family was so supportive. Later that 
afternoon, one of my brother-in-laws that married into the family said, "So, 
I bet you'll take care of yourself from now on won't you?"
I couldn't believe it. I could have died and this guy was being a smart ass. 
Anyway, I just told him that I had been but that sometimes these things 
Soooooooo....I think venting and sharing these stories actually helps us a 
little bit and underscores the importance of educating people, as Roxanne has 
pointed out.
dxed 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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