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Re: [IP] punching non-diabetics

Thanks Amy. This article really resonates with me. As
a freelancer, I'm constantly dreading telling the
steady stream of new people that I work with the same
shtick about me being a diabetic, how many times a day
do I have to "do that", blah-blah. And it's funny what
the writer said about people feeling very free to
assert themsevles in regards to d, amidst total
ignorance. Almost everyone I meet knows someone that: 
A)Found some fabulous diet/herb/supplement and "cured"
their d
B)Doesn't have to test their blood sugar all the time
because they have it "under control" (usually after
they notice me testing BG more than once in a few
C)died. horribly. from d.

I've actually found myself going to the bathroom to
test or bolus so I don't have to hear these things.
This new band I just started working with glances at
each other nervously whenever they see me look at my
pump. I don't even know what to say anymore! Just
trying to take care of myself!

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