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Re: [IP] Need of a "cyper-hug"

<<Sylvia (email @ redacted) wrote:
  I just HATE this.  Why wasn't it ME who got this?  Why Josh?  Je didn't do 
anything.  He was looking forward to going into kindergarden when this hit 
him.  He was only five years old!  It doesn't make since.  I Hate knowing 
that he will be dealing with this for th ie rest of his life.  That doesn't 
seem fair!  And I HATE THIS!!!!!>>

A HUGE HUGE HUGE hug for you & Josh.  I'm right there with you - I had a
whopping 4 hrs. sleep the other night - with 3 times to get up & check
in between, so maybe 1.5 hrs straight.  That never leaves you feeling
like you can deal with much the next day.  And it seems for me, to get
closer to that grief that is always just below the surface - the longing
for the "normal" life that we don't have anymore.

We all know you & Josh are doing a fabulous job taking care of this 
terrible responsibility of living with diabetes - and even more, you 
reach out & help other struggling people like Luke & our family.  
What a wonderful example for Josh as he grows up.

But take heart dear - I think he doesn't have to deal with this for
the rest of his life.  I believe in JDRF's mission, and lots of us
support them.  Research is very promising, and we have to keep praying
and drumming up support to deliver a cure.  And yes, we have to hate
it enough to want something better for everyone who has DM & who will
be at risk for it.

We're walking in Austin this weekend for JDRF & we'll be thinking of
Bless you,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, our new 7 yr old, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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