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Re: [IP] My Novolog Trial

<<RoseLea wrote:
I also didn't notice much difference between the Humalog and the Novolog, 
although the Novolog didn't seem to work as long, higher bgs began 
appearing on the 3rd day.  My sight also got very red and was swolen around 
the cannula when I removed it, now I have what looks like a mosquito bite 
where it was.  Guess I'm allergic to Novolog, perhaps.  I'm back on Humalog 

RoseLea, that swollen/red/mosquito bite looking site sounds like what
Luke's sites look like from straight Humalog, less noticeable on the
Humalog/Regular mix.   Fortunately, we're seeing the opposite -
Novolog works with about the same basals/carb ratio, but the peak seems
to be earlier in Luke, which covers meals better, and he's had stable
bg's on set changes to 4 days for 3 times now (plus several 3 day cycles
in the weeks before that).  Halloween & his birthday got us to push
out changes a few times - Luke thought it would ruin Halloween if
he had to changeout that night.   We're giving it another month before
we feel like we can say that he doesn't have a Novolog sensitivity,
but YMMV.

Tomorrow is his 7th birthday, and we're so glad he's pumping.  His
birthday party was so wonderfully fun for him, and it didn't have to 
be at any weird time to accomodate a schedule like the past 2 birthdays.  
Of course, his bg was high after, but then we corrected & everything 
was fine an hour later.  Pumping definitely makes birthdays nicer - 
as long as you manage the changeout schedule right!

Shelly V, mom to Luke, our new 7 yr old, pumping 3/01, dx'd 10/99

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