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[IP] Sof-Tack Meter

I got this new meter and my insurance did pay for it, but there are some 
problems. After much frustration with it and calling them every day for 
several weeks, they finally admitted that there were some problems and sent 
me a new meter and retrurn label for my original on. With the 1st meter, 
about half of the tests resulted in "not enough blood", so half of the test 
strips were wasted. They would walk me thru it, etc, and I kept saying that 
checking your blood should not be that hard. It was sticking my arm, but the 
blood would not get on the test strip. But it would be splattered all over 
the inside of the cap. I thought maybe it wouldn't work because my arm is 
skinny and you needed more fat for it to get good suction. But the new meter 
is working pretty good now so I think the 1st one was faulty. But I am still 
afraid to move when using it (it's a little tricky) and it makes a lot of 
noise when it makes the suction, but, for home use, it does now give my 
fingers a rest...............

Sue (dalgal)

email @ redacted

>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #554
>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 17:41:10 EST
>Saw a new meter yesterday, the sof * tact by medisense. It is a self
>contained unit that draws blood and places it on the test strip, it will
>vacum blood from other places than the fingers . The problem is it  is 
>expensive , 199.99 and comes with no test strips at all. When I asked what
>the trade in policy was or if there was a trade in and rebate program, the
>person I contacted said there was no such program. I felt that medisense is
>not trying to woo me away from what I am using now and I can't see my
>insurance company reembursing me 199.99 + the amount for test strips and
>additonal monies for computer cables to down load the test results. What
>gives with this machine when other machines do a good job for much less 
>and the companies want return business for the strips? Any ideas?

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