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Re: [IP] Josh

Very well said Kathy! Seriously, that was a wonderful letter. I think we all 
benefited from it. I will have been diabetic for 36 years come January and I 
still fantasize that it will somehow just miraculously disappear or go away! 
Stupid I know, but I do!

email @ redacted

>Subject: [IP] Josh
>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 19:53:05 -0500
>Dear, dear Sylvia:
>My heart goes out to you so very much for all you are going through as a
>parent...but I want to lighten you up a bit.
>We are in a different era now where there are glucose monitors and insulin
>pumps, different insulins to choose from, a1c's etc. etc.
>Just think of how my parents felt with having two diabetic children, only
>beef/pork insulin, testing with urine and blood tests maybe once a week or
>once a month.  Also, not knowing what was or wasn't good to eat, not
>allowing us to exercise or play, etc. etc.
>Josh's body is going to go through lots of changes in his hormones flying
>around, in his growing stages, changes in height and weight, activities,
>different stress levels at school and at home and so many other factors.
>His basals and bolus rates will probably continue to change and so he and
>you are just going to have to accept this and you can't keep on falling
>apart when he has lows.  If he says he needs to eat something, feels numb,
>etc., at least he CAN feel these things and express them to you.  Have him
>start carrying around glucose tablets and experiment with them to see how
>many he needs to bring him back up.
>Diabetes is a roller coaster and never stops going up and down.  You have
>good days, bad days and ones in between.  It seems I only get one good week
>of b.g. per month and so I go with the flow.  I'm doing all I can and
>still......there is no controlling it and you have to learn and Josh has to
>learn not to let it control his life either.
>Today with all we have, it's much easier to lead a normal life but all the
>other stuff is going to keep happening no matter how hard you try to not
>make it happen....
>The main thing, and I emphasize MAIN here is that he get as good control as
>he can so that he may go on a lot longer in life without developing any of
>the complications.
>With your love and patience and his learning more and more about the 
>and his body, how foods affect his b.g., exercise, stress, etc...he will
>grow up to be a handsome young man and he will do just fine :)
>Everyone HATES diabetes.  Everyone gets down. Everyone wants it to be me
>instead of them...but that's not what real life is about.
>Look, my son had a lot of things wrong with him when he was a child.  I
>knew, I saw, I got him tested and took care of these things.  I dealt with
>the guilt of not knowing did these things happen because of my diabetes?
>Could I have done something to change these things?  I drove myself crazy
>but you know......
>He's learned to accept and overcome all of his obstacles, raduated college
>with two engineering degrees, has a wonderful job and is presently working
>towards his masters degree....and he developed diabetes two years ago as
>well (type II or III no one can tell for sure)......
>Please stop killing yourself.  Josh (your son) (mine has the same name), 
>diabetes.  Nothing short of a transplant is going to make it go away.  We
>all learn to live with it and survive as best we can and we can't have
>things perfect no matter how hard we try....just go with the flow Sylvia 
>stop driving yourself crazy....
>And here's a big hug for you and Josh as well :) :) :)
>Kathy Bruckmeyer
>email @ redacted
>diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00

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