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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #554

Saw a new meter yesterday, the sof * tact by medisense. It is a self 
contained unit that draws blood and places it on the test strip, it will 
vacum blood from other places than the fingers . The problem is it  is quite 
expensive , 199.99 and comes with no test strips at all. When I asked what 
the trade in policy was or if there was a trade in and rebate program, the 
person I contacted said there was no such program. I felt that medisense is 
not trying to woo me away from what I am using now and I can't see my 
insurance company reembursing me 199.99 + the amount for test strips and 
additonal monies for computer cables to down load the test results. What 
gives with this machine when other machines do a good job for much less mony 
and the companies want return business for the strips? Any ideas?
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