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Re: [IP] My Novolog Trial

>I just recently finished my own trial of Novolog--for just over 9 days, 3
>set changes.  I had heard some rave reviews of it and thought I might be
>able to lower basals and all with it too.  For me, however, it didn't work
>any differently than Humalog did.  I did notice that on meals that are
>usually covered fairly well by humalog, the novolog caused me to go higher
>right after the meals.  I think it just didn't work as quick for me as the
>humalog did.  It deffinitely is a YMMV thing though.

I also didn't notice much difference between the Humalog and the Novolog, 
although the Novolog didn't seem to work as long, higher bgs began 
appearing on the 3rd day.  My sight also got very red and was swolen around 
the cannula when I removed it, now I have what looks like a mosquito bite 
where it was.  Guess I'm allergic to Novolog, perhaps.  I'm back on Humalog 

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